Creation and promotion of sites

  • Design
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Results of our work
We have implemented many successful projects and we are proud of our work! All our websites are created with the latest technology, so we get a website with powerful functionality.

Integrated marketing support and development of a modern site with an event calendar

Creation of corporate identity, adaptive site and promotion (SEO, Adwords, SMM)

Первый в Украине сервис бронирования артистов и концертных залов

Строительная компания Mnogostroy занимаеться дизайнерским ремонтом квартир под ключ. Мы разработали Фирменный стиль, логотип, сайт и продвигаем сайт.

Разработка логотипа, фирменного стиля и сайта для компании SPORTMOTO – доставка мототехники из европы.

Создание и продвижение сайта строительной фирмы ATTIKA


We specialize on graphic and web design, website development, and internet marketing. Our path in IT has began in 2013 and since then we have not stopped improving. We have implemented more than 100 successful projects, and we continue to develop and maintain them. And now we are ready to take up your realization!

We do not pursue the number of clients, because what is important for us it’s the quality of work and long-term cooperation. We are constantly learning and improving, that's why we are aware of all the novelties about developments, design and Internet marketing. Our team is ready to offer the Client a unique and the right decision.

Most clients come to us only with an idea, and we embody it! If you need a logo, corporate identity, great website – ok, it’s easy for us! But we don’t stop only with this, providing a full range of services in Internet marketing: SEO-optimization, contextual advertising AdWords, SMM promotion, crowd marketing, E-mail marketing. Yes, we do everything, so your idea does not remain just an idea, with our using all web-tools from the logo to sales.

If you need a cheap website and promotion for $ 100, then you are not our client. I think it's not a secret for you that cheap isn’t good. But if you are still here, then you will be interested in how we do our work. Before starting work, we compile a TT, which describes each service and everything that is included in it. By composing TT, we take into account your capabilities and include all the essentials. If you have only the idea of a project, you will need to develop a logo before you start developing the site. If you have a website developed, for example, in 2010, and you want to promote it, we will start with the update of the website. We don’t turn our noses up and consider the possibilities of your business, so we can always reach an agreement.

You are interested? Let's continue!

So, what do we actually do? It all starts with the fact that we are meeting and discussing your project. After discussion, we draw up a technical task and make a proposal.

By the way, meetings can be avoided by filling out a brief on the site, contacting by skype or calling on the phone. We know exactly what questions to ask in order to quickly make the proposal that you’ll like, and our crazy schedule will allow you to connect us at any convenient for you time, even if you are on another continent.

Here are some statistics: during our work more than half of the sites were created remotely not only in Ukraine, but also abroad.

With each client we work individually by short integrations. This means that after we take your project to work, we don’t disappear until the moment of delivery, but also do not bother you every day. We just keep you updated on every stage of development so that you get an excellent project and do not get tired of us.

So, you have enjoyed the created logo, corporate identity, website, and now we are ready to start attracting customers to your site. Of course, the site we created is very beautiful and functional, but if you don’t show it to other users which need you, it will not bring profit.

We are dealing with an integrated offer on internet marketing that includes all kinds of traffic attraction. All serious! Yes, honestly! The offer includes a strategy, a budget-plan, an individual analysis of your business on the network.

At this stage everything is simple!

  • You already have a business plan. Then we make a proposal for your budget.
  • You are still at the stage of ideas do not know what costs will be needed for advertising on the Internet. In this case, we make a proposal from the minimum recommended budget to budget to fly into space.

Whether you like it or not, we give you reports every month about the work was done, received achievements, and the work plan for the next period. We try to simplify the reports, highlighting the most necessary information. In secret, once our report was 121 pages, and the client promised us that he would not read even a page :) And yet we will gladly share all the details of advertising, if you are interested. After all, the best client for us is a client who knows what he wants.

We are always in touch
Absolutely everyone in our team loves their work. And it so happened that we became hardworking workaholics. That's why we are always in touch. We do not care what country you are in, because we can communicate via Skype and other convenient for you messengers.
It will not be difficult for us to create absolutely any website, design or application. We appreciate the individuality of everyone and don’t like to create templates, so we’ll translate all your ideas into a quality product.
Our cooperation passes in a free form. You don’t need to be tied to a specific place or time to discuss and start the project. We have Skype, Messenger, WeChat, E-mail, Telegram, Viber and phone.