November 21, 2017
I want to share experience in the selection of fonts for the site, and I’ll start, perhaps, with the simplest tool.
November 21, 2017
Now in the trend to create a minimal website design without an overloaded background or complex elements. But in any minimalism there must be special details and they can have the whole chip. It is not rare that there are sites that have a colorful background to face and it is simply impossible to imagine it with boring white or gray. I will share with you an interesting resource that will help to inspire or directly take and use the background that you like. I recommend Toptal The peculiarity of the resource is that you can click on any background directly on the site and see how it will look, then download in several sizes. The filter on the site is a bit specific and rather the author for himself did it, but after studying all the content, I can say that there is any background for every taste, you just need to look. As they say – “Did not find what you were looking for?” No problem! Let’s design our background! Yes, that’s right, I have one more resource that can construct a background from a large stock of icons and icon collections. I recommend Flaticon An excellent resource for creating a creative background with great opportunities. For superdesign, it does not quite fit, but for interesting landing pages and banner ads I used it.
November 21, 2017
Perhaps the most popular way to search for images on the network is Google pictures. For today this is the simplest and most accessible way of searching, in which there is nothing difficult – just entered the desired name in the Google search box and chose the “pictures” section. Few people know that if you enter the desired pictures in English, this will help to get a better result, and the flexibility of setting this section for characteristics such as color and size will help to find the exact same image even faster. However, this method is very primitive, and as a result, you will receive non-unique content for a site or an advertising banner, besides it has been used already in your region.

Where can I get high-quality graphics for the site? Buy on drains? Buying content on the drains, you practically quit the risk of receiving non-unique content and the author’s claim. One of the leaders is shutterstock and with the most information in the form of not only pictures, but also video. Of course, such resources will not sell you one picture, and the price will obviously scare you. If you are already an experienced designer, then you should have an account there, and if a beginner, it is better to group with several like-minded people and use one account. If you are not a designer and just want to find a picture for an article or a one-time advertisement, it’s easier for you to contact someone who has access to these resources or go for free sinks.

Free drains? Yes there are! You can say that they are almost free, because on all these drains you will be offered a separate section of paid photos and to impose an advertisement of popular drains. After all, in fact, for this they are created – to feed tasty pictures and draw to a huge paid plate. So, here is a list of the largest shareware free images, illustrations, mocaps and other graphics.
  1. freepik  
  2. vectoropenstock  
  3. pixeden  
  4. creativemarket  
  5. all-free-download  
  6. freevector  
  7. vecteezy To describe each drain separately does not make sense, since they all work on the same principle – it’s searching and filtering images. Everyone has ads and paid sections, but I would note among all the one resource that stands out by the volume and freshness of the photo: freepik – very powerful and large resource. In it you will find everything: from quality images to illustrations and mocaps in the source code PSD, AI, EPS.