Background as the basis and foundation or background for the site

Now in the trend to create a minimal website design without an overloaded background or complex elements. But in any minimalism there must be special details and they can have the whole chip. It is not rare that there are sites that have a colorful background to face and it is simply impossible to imagine it with boring white or gray. I will share with you an interesting resource that will help to inspire or directly take and use the background that you like.

I recommend Toptal
The peculiarity of the resource is that you can click on any background directly on the site and see how it will look, then download in several sizes. The filter on the site is a bit specific and rather the author for himself did it, but after studying all the content, I can say that there is any background for every taste, you just need to look.

As they say – “Did not find what you were looking for?”
No problem! Let’s design our background!
Yes, that’s right, I have one more resource that can construct a background from a large stock of icons and icon collections.

I recommend Flaticon
An excellent resource for creating a creative background with great opportunities. For superdesign, it does not quite fit, but for interesting landing pages and banner ads I used it.