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Before creating a website it is very important to make the right and complete technical assignment. The full technical specification of the site in the future will not only lead to an effective result, but also protect the client from additional waste, and the contractor from additional work.

Our order form on this page is only the first stage of acquaintance with you. After filling out the form, we calculate each project individually, studying all the transmitted information and analyzing the Internet market in your field.

Filling out the form, you will immediately receive our presentation on the mail, and in the near future you will receive a technical assignment in the form of a proposal with the terms of development and calculation of the cost.

You can choose several services at once, and we can therefore prepare for you a comprehensive offer: from website development to promotion.

The more information you indicate about your project, the more accurate the offer we can make for you. After the initial offer, we will additionally negotiate with you to clarify the additional details of your business, after which we will be able to supplement the proposal to the full approval on both sides.