Integrated marketing support and development of a modern site with an event calendar

KOSMIX is a large entertainment center in Kiev, which can often be seen in Ukrainian films and serials, which often host different types of events from dance competitions to concerts of Ukrainian rock bands. The entertainment center includes several zones: a restaurant, a karaoke, a banquet hall, bowling, billiards, a children’s play area and a children’s restaurant.  

For the entertainment center we have developed a modern website with powerful functionality. The site design is executed with zoning of each service on separate landings to promote not only the RC as a whole, but also individual zones. For the convenience of the visitors of the center we have developed a modern and understandable calendar of events, which displays all the events of each zone with the description of the event and posters that are integrated into the slider and are also divided by sliders for the zones. Also, the calendar is integrated with Google and all events are displayed in the search.

  RC receives full marketing-service: from development and printing of graphic advertising to SEO promotion, contextual advertising and SMM. We also help plan and organize events.  

Even in the RC there are charity events for children, and the RC itself organizes such events, in which we are happy to participate.