Создание сайта с интеграцией площадок Taobao, Tmall, 1688 и комплескное продвижение

China-Ukraina – a project that introduced us to OT Commerce and all the charms of integration with Chinese trading platforms from Tmall to Taobao.

OT Commerce is a platform with a design limitation. You are simply given 10 non-adaptive templates to choose from, which differ only in the color scheme. That’s why we faced the challenge of making a normal UI / UX for a flat platform with a dry design. The difficulty was not only that the platform code was previously unknown to us, but the structure itself was made so that the site worked only on those 10 dry templates from the past.

With complete confidence in our abilities, we started with the development of the right design, for us there is simply nothing impossible 🙂 After the approval of all the layouts, our specialists took up the layout and analysis of the functionality of the entire CMS. We approached this issue so seriously that we were contacted by the CMS developers themselves for the design of their site. Yes Yes! But, in fact, we could not otherwise, because initially the approach to the project was global, and for the purpose there was still advertising and SEO-optimization, with which there were big problems in this platform.

In total, with design, layout and programming, we finish the project in 31 days. In another way, it simply could not be, because it is, in fact, our chip – to make a website for a month. We launched the site and started SEO optimization, and after 3 months we were in the TOP for more than 40 key requests. But the site received orders already in the first days after the launch, since we launched advertising in the complex and the first results were from contextual advertising.

We never stop on the completed tasks, and in this case, after each monthly report, we provided recommendations for improving the site in the form of modifying the modules, functionality and design of some elements. We love our customers and want their and our achievements not to stop halfway to the top of success.