Первый в Украине сервис бронирования артистов и концертных залов

The first negotiations on the creation of a site of this format introduced us into a small shock and strong interest. After all, this is the first in Ukraine and, most likely, the world’s first service of this type.

A few more meetings, and we were already on the same wavelength with the customer and clearly understood all the requirements for the project.

If they were short:
  • Naming;
  • Logo development;
  • Branding;
  • A special system of booking services;
  • Customer’s personal cabinet;
  • Integration with payment services:
  • Integration with Google;
  • Integration with social networks;
  • Monetization of the whole project.

ZALZABIT is the first Ukrainian reservation service for artists, concert halls and musical equipment. Service connects artists, owners of concert halls and services of providing musical equipment directly with the customer. Now you do not need to look for links or contact dubious agencies, overpaying for incomprehensible communication services. You just need to choose the date and what or whom you are looking for.

You are the owner of the concert hall and you have a window in the speeches and you need to find an artist for this date? Simply select the artist type, date and book.

Having finished the project in full “KEY KEY”, the service was launched and is rapidly gaining popularity in the network. The customer liked our approach so much that he undoubtedly continued to work with us on marketing. We have compiled a comprehensive offer on Internet marketing and continue to work on this project to this day.

We love when we are challenged even by the most insane projects and we are waiting for the customer to come to us and order a site that will create the future of the entire Internet network. Maybe it will be you.