Sport Moto

Разработка логотипа, фирменного стиля и сайта для компании SPORTMOTO – доставка мототехники из европы.

The case when all the circles of hell passed, and finally you were saved. Approximately so we started work on this project.

The client had everything necessary to get a quality product, except for a good contractor. There was a technical assignment, content for the site, recommendations and all the necessary requirements. There was even a site that not very experienced contractors tried to do … However, this is a completely different story.

So, we have very short terms, practically “for yesterday”, a ready-made technical assignment and content.

What we had to do:
  • Logo development;
  • Branding;
  • Development of the site of the online store.

Since part of the client’s processes were already established, or more precisely, there were SEO specialists in the staff, a specialist in contextual advertising and copywriters, it turned out that we had to do only a beautiful design for the company and develop a site with which we, in fact, coped with the deadlines set for us.

We worked remotely, since the client is in Lviv, and we are in Kiev. But this did not become a problem for us in communication, and, if necessary, we had meetings both in Kiev and in Lviv. The project was successfully launched, and the customer was satisfied with the same as his customers.