Разработка монобрендового интернет-магазина и SEO продвижение

The project fell into the hands of our experts in a deplorable state, namely – the site was under the filters of Google. Yes, before he came to us, there was another site developed on the author’s CMS, which was part of the problems in SEO, and later in the usability of the site.  

We create a comprehensive proposal for marketing, coordinate all the points with the customer and get down to work. It was not easy, but we coped and pulled the site out of Google filters within a month.  

After the successful update of the external optimization of the site, we took up the development of a new site. A very important part when updating the site is to save all the links and content that was also offered and successfully executed.  

We developed a convenient online store and not only retained positions, but also climbed up in the search results. The new convenient site contributed not only to the growth of traffic, but also to an increase in the conversion of orders. The customer was satisfied and ordered from us 3 more sites, which we also managed on time. All our sites we serve to this day.