I-hydroponics дизайн сайта и логотипа компании

I-Hydroponic is an online store that has everything you need for your plants. In other words: we have ordered a site on a very green theme 🙂

Before us were the tasks:
  • Logo design;
  • Develop an online store;
  • Module of combined articles and goods;
  • Clever filter.

In appearance, a simple online store concealed a complex structure with several complex modules. One of the functional modules is the connection of articles with goods and vice versa. For all this to work beautifully, you need a smart filter, and to work quickly, the filter should be on Ajax, which we, of course, managed perfectly well.

After the delivery of the project, the client still needed a translation into several languages ​​of the entire site with content. On the one hand, it was not easy to make such an addition, having already a number of difficult modifications, but we also coped with this task.

There are no impossible tasks for us!