Создание и продвижение сайта строительной фирмы ATTIKA

ATTIKA company applied to us for SEO optimization of the site. At the time of the request, this was one of the company’s weak spots on the Internet, as the rest of the advertising was successfully promoted by staff specialists.

Having worked with the company for several months, they liked our design work, and from the offer we moved on to developing a corporate website. The technical task of the site included a number of complex modules, with which we successfully coped.

After launching the new site, we were able to save all the positions in Google’s search result by creating a list of pages from old to new with content transfer. After the update in the SERP, the site grew in positions and received TOP-10 more than 20 key queries.

We always try to continue to work with our customers, in which case we provide free support for the site. We love our customers and try to make the most convenient offers for permanent work.